About Theon Design

Theon Design has a simple goal: to create the ultimate air-cooled Porsche 911. The passionate team – comprising experts in design, engineering, engine, chassis development, trim and manufacturing – is united around this singular aim. Adam Hawley who heads up the company has over 20 years’ of experience in automotive design, having worked with leading OEMs including BMW, Jaguar and Lotus.

Theon Design evolved from a desire to build the perfect 911 – one that teamed the looks and driver involvement of an analogue classic, with modern comfort, drivability and performance. This first prototype went on to receive such praise that Theon Design was born.

Purity of Purpose

Theon Design has developed considerably in the ensuing years, and now operates out of a state-of-the-art facility in Oxfordshire, nestled in the heart of the UK’s ‘Motorsport Valley’.

For every bespoke commission, the expert team holds steadfast to its ‘Purity of Purpose’ ethos; state-of-the-art digital design techniques are blended with traditional hand-craftsmanship, distilling the character of the air-cooled 911, and elevating every part of the experience.

The goal is to evolve and enhance a classic Porsche, applying an OEM-like approach with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and manufacture to ensure the highest possible quality and finish.

Attention to Detail

With a Theon Design creation commission every detail matters. The same level of precision is applied to parts of the car that cannot be seen as those that can: at Theon, everything is an A-surface.

In order to build cars to the tightest tolerances, each component is digitised, and modelled in 3D design software to optimise precision and fit. This approach also gives the flexibility to ensure each car is unique, tailoring details to a customer’s individual specification.

Design Ethos

Theon Design also honours Porsche’s legendary heritage and engineering ethos, with a focus on lightweight construction and enhanced performance, as well as ultra-precise and engaging driving dynamics.

The ‘Purity of Purpose’ approach results in what Theon Design calls ‘OEM+’; each bespoke, individually tailored commission blends the highest possible quality, finish and overall aesthetics, with a perfectly optimised, emotive 911 driving experience.