Breathing new life

A Theon Design built Porsche 911 uses the latest technology with traditional craftsmanship to blend the very best elements of classic and modern in Porsche’s iconic 911 sports car. Each Theon Design Porsche 911 is tailored with every component configured to its anticipated use, be that fast road driving, grand touring, track driving, or, indeed, a combination of any of these.

Using the 964 series as its base, Theon Design respectfully nods to Porsche’s iconic, long-bonnet air-cooled cars in regards to their style and analogue driver engagement, but adds individuality and modernity while removing many classic compromises.

Each Theon Design car is built honouring the Porsche engineering ethos, using the very latest, motorsport-derived materials for strength, performance and reduced weight. Theon Design utilises the latest design and manufacturing tools with time-honoured skills from its exacting, hugely experienced team of technicians. The result is a classic Porsche, built to a standard of fit and finish that a modern OEM would strive for.

The engine choice is extensive, each is fully rebuilt, with anything from a 3.6-litre flat-six with 295 bhp, right up to a 4.0-litre engine with 400bhp as well as the option to supercharge or turbo being possible.

“It’s all about combining the best of the classic looks and modern drivability to create a machine that is not only unique, but performs beyond all expectations,” says Theon’s Director, Adam Hawley

The interior can be wrapped in the finest automotive semi-aniline leather creating a feel that respects its heritage but is utterly contemporary in its look, feel and operation. The interior choices are unlimited, allowing you to create a car exactly to your own vision and specification.

Passion for what we do is the driving force of Theon. We are constantly evolving and developing ideas and technologies to recreate the iconic Porsche into something that excites, surprises and that is totally unique.

To find out more about what we do, please send us an enquiry or call +44 (0) 1869 337176.


A world of opportunities

Every Theon Design car has its flat-six engine fully rebuilt and enhanced to meet each customer’s expectations in relation to power, performance and use. All of our Porsche 911s come with a dual mass flywheel and are available with either a 5 or 6-speed Getrag G50 gearbox.

ITB’s (individual throttle bodies) are fitted to enable the engine to breath more easily and improve throttle response which in turn releases greater bhp.

The engine undergoes a complete overhaul with all the internal components upgraded and replaced.  This enables us to release significant torque and power increases over the standard 964.

3.6L 285bhp Standard configuration but rebuilt and detailed as new
3.6L SC 400+bhp Same as above but fitted with a Super Charger
3.8L 370bhp Increased displacement with mild tune and increased torque
4.0L 400bhp Full tune with RS crank

The donor is a 1989-94 Porsche 911, (964), is supplied either by our customers, or we can assist with sourcing a vehicle if required. The original cars are fully road legal in their country of origin and retain the original Vehicle Identification Number, (VIN) and will continue to be registered and licensed in the same way after Theon Design has undertaken its extensive work.

Each car is completely stripped down to its base components and thoroughly checked for previous accident damage or corrosion. The shell is stripped to bare metal, then the engine bay is seam welded to improve torsional rigidity before preparation to better than new specification. Prior to painting the complete the shell is etch primed to form a protective layer against rust.

The modified exterior panels can either be steel or carbon fibre.

The lightweight, high quality pre-preg carbon fibre body has front/rear arches, spoiler and bumpers and optionally, the bonnet, engine lid and roof can also be added, these are manufactured solely for us by a leading supplier of carbon fibre for F1 teams.

New, modified Porsche looms is fitted – giving you the reliability of Porsche wiring systems with our own bespoke additions.

Our looms are built to Porsche specification and colours to ensure any Porsche technician is able to work on our vehicles.

Early style projector lights are fitted.  These can also be upgraded to HID if permitted in the country of destination.

All of the suspension, brakes and steering is upgraded and replaced as standard, but we work with each customer for individual upgrades to suit their requirements, with the possibility to option ceramic brakes and fully active suspension.

The exterior paint be specified in either one of 24 colours inspired by Porsches of the 60’s and 70’s – or your own colour choice can be accommodated. The exterior metal trim can either be noble chrome or satin finished.

All our interior panels are crafted from carbon fibre, (to the same exacting standards as the exterior panels), these can either be left as aesthetic carbon panels or wrapped in beautiful semi-aniline leather.

We offer a bespoke interior from a minimalist stripped-out sports feel to cosseted luxury, and anywhere in between – all achieved with the same attention to detail. The stripped out or luxury feel can also be extended to the luggage and engine bays, where customers can choose anything from a clean painted finish (exterior colour) up to fully leather trimmed compartments.