There is nothing more satisfying than taking an old, tired classic Porsche and restoring it back to its former glory. Theon primarily focus on early (pre 1974) 911’s, or special cars like the RS, Turbo or Speedster models. Theon are renowned for their painstaking attention to detail and thorough restoration process that ensures each car is restored to the highest tolerances and standard.

The Restoration Process

Each restoration project is brought back to life with an obsessive attention to detail. This starts with the car being completely stripped back to a bare shell which allows Theon to inspect the car for any damage and corrosion. The car is then put on a jig to ensure the chassis is straight and any coachwork repairs are carried out. All parts are inspected and indexed in the process. Unserviceable parts are discarded. Others that are suitable for reconditioning are returned to new condition by our technicians with the utmost care. All missing, damaged or worn out components are replaced with newly manufactured genuine Porsche parts. The body is sealed to prevent corrosion, sound insulation is improved and ceramic thermal auto insulation is applied to create a thermal barrier which reduces solar loading and keeps the car cooler in hot climates. The car is then painted in its original colour and then the thorough, yet exciting rebuild stage begins. This includes the rebuild of the engine, transmission and all mechanical components and finally the interior is meticulously restored to original specification.

When every part has been meticulously fitted the way Porsche intended, the car is extensively road tested to ensure it performs as well as new – if not better! Theon have adopted an unparalleled approach in the restoration of classic Porsche cars which means that the beautifully restored classic will leave the workshop in a superior condition to when it left the factory many years ago.

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